Academic Standards

  1. The curriculum will be presented in a professional manner within a college level framework, with course objectives, course materials, reading assignments and projects.
  2. The curriculum will be presented by using the guidelines of authentic sources of Islam, and with the consideration of making them relevant to time and place.
  3. The curriculum will address critical issues facing American Muslims and explore different Islamic solutions towards them.
  4. The curriculum will be designed to address the major human development areas, Intellectual, Social and Personal Development.
  5. The curriculum is designed to answer the diverse needs of the Muslim community (gender, educational, socio economic, cultural diversity).
  6. Instructors who are trained to teach American Muslim learners will present the curriculum.
  7. The curriculum will be presented in a continuous cycle. To assure continuity, the classes will be taught by instructors and TAs. TAs will be prepared to teach future classes.
  8. The classes will be transcribed, typed, recorded and after the instructor’s approval, finalized for future classes.
  9. There will be children’s Qur’an classes parallel to this Adult Educational program to help parents who need child care.
  10. There will be a final class assignment and project, and qualified students will be given a certificate.